Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daniel Hotel Supply Liquidation Sale

Archival Clothing reports from the final liquidation sale of Daniel Hotel Supply:
Each object in his showroom had a little typed stock number that, in theory, corresponded to open stock in the back storage room. Mr. Daniel himself would retreat back into the storage room to search for the requested item/s.

Typically, Mr. Daniel would bring back a near match, for example, a bowl made of agatized wood rather than vitrified porcelain. We were so grateful that the frail Mr. Daniel had even come back from the storage room that we were grateful to purchase whatever he brought us.
Sales of these sorts can be bittersweet as the joy of spelunking and discovery is tempered by the stark reality of order slipping away. These events are cautionary tales for those of us who think in terms of spare parts storage and possessing an archive of materials for future projects. Whenever I attend a similar sale, I return to home base with a reinvigorated desire to GET IT TOGETHER!

Daniel Hotel Supply Liquidation Sale
Flickr Set of Liquidation Sale