Monday, August 25, 2008

Deyrolle Paris - Fire Tragedy

Not up on my Paris news, I only just now found out that a tragic and devastating fire took place last February at Deyrolle, a much-loved taxidermy shop and cabinet of curiosities in Paris. Looking at the photos of blackened displays and the completely destroyed shop is truly heart-wrenching. Also lost in the fire were their antique furnishings and vitrines specifically designed for etymological displays. They are asking for support in the reconstruction by way of monetary donations, purchasing of prints, and donations of taxidermy displays. Hm. Maybe my mid-19th century diorama of an albino quail housed in a wood and glass case should make its home in Paris.

(To get an idea of the esprit of the shop, notice the lambs situated around the black bear in the photo above. You can also see the hindquarters of what looks like a deer placed in front of a heat register on the back wall, warming itself.)

Link and (translated) Link to information on helping the reconstruction
(photo Marc Dantan)