Friday, August 08, 2008

D+R Dispatch Skateboard Wheel Photo

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From time to time, I am asked for a higher resolution file of the skateboard wheels photo that was on the cover of the D+R Dispatch Inaugural. I removed the best 70's/80's wheels from my collection of decks, removed the bearings, and scrubbed them in a bucket of hot, soapy water. Wheels like the green Kryptonics at the bottom are pretty beat up and the urethane has become somewhat porous, while the red Kryptonics are nearly perfect.

How do you find 8 nearly perfect Kryptonics? Garage sale roller skates. Skateboards are, fittingly, well abused, while most roller skates sat in the closet for the majority of their lives. Coincidentally, there is a perfect pair of white leather skates at Coco's right now which I bought for the Gyro wheels, but decided they are a little too tall, narrow and dorky for a skateboard.

D+R Dispatch #1 covers tools, longboard skateboard building and chrome polishing