Friday, August 08, 2008

Garage Sale Report - July 19, 2008


Purchased at a Burbank garage sale, this cabinet had been hauled home by an economics teacher as potential garage storage - an idea shot down by the economics instructor's wife.

Only an institution would allow something to fall into this specific sort of unused melancholy. The extremely dry finish, the embedded coffee rings and, most telling, the layers and layers of scotch tape that provide a window into the evolution of cellophane tape. The narrow super glossy tape that gave way to the wider matte finish only to evolve to the magic transparent tape that is neither magic, sticky nor effective.

Sure, corporations have their sinister corners, but there is something unique to this sort of blind neglect that can only occur within institutions like post offices, schools, social security offices and pressure vessel licensing offices. I think it is the absence of personal responsibility. The next time you are in line at the DMV or the building department, take a moment to reflect on this forlorn cabinet and for a moment you will glimpse your situation with total clarity.

After the Mister Jalopy 4-Step Miracle Process for Wood Refurbishment

Still life with compact discs, Japanese magazines, a ukulele, a few reams of special purpose paper, glass jars and an Edelbrock TM-2R Big Block Chevrolet Tarantula Intake Manifold.