Friday, August 08, 2008

Garage Sale Ukulele by Mark Frauenfelder

Note from Mister Jalopy:

Having recently purchased a Martin Ukulele at a garage sale, I was immediately hit with questions and requests for clarifications from my esteemed co-conspirator, Mark Frauenfelder. Then other uke players chimed in. The following is an actual email from Mark during one of these exchanges:
Mister Jalopy does not realize that he lived the dream of every uke player on the planet -- finding a Martin Uke at a garage sale. I hope to one day buy some weird hand tool I know nothing about that Mister Jalopy has fantasized about all his life and blithely post a lousy photo of it.
Therefore, I have taken a complete set of photos (with period correct mattress ticking) to address my previously understated report. From here, I will turn this post over to Mark to assess condition and quality of the instrument.

This is Mark, here. Now that you've posted photos showing the entire uke (a CF Martin & Company Style 1 Soprano mahogany model), I can tell you that it's worthless. I was just kidding you about old Martin ukes having any value whatsoever. I think it might be OK for kindling. I'll drive over to your place later today to pick it up.

Also, please don't read Parson's Pleasure by Roald Dahl. Just don't, OK?