Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Milremo Stem and a Lookin' Saddle

I once purchased a NIB German after market replacement rear view mirror for a VW Rabbit/GTI at a garage sale despite not owning the car in question. The quality was so astonishing, I could immediately picture an entire automobile coming together around this single component. Mercifully, I have resisted the considerable charms of a 1984 VW GTI for the time being, as car projects require seemingly endless amounts of time and money.

Having obtained the above saddle and stem in the same day, once again the stars have aligned to force my hand to build a project around these two sterling examples of cycling high design. In comparison to cars, bikes come together in a blink of an eye and, as our friend Randy says, bicycles don't have brake fluid.

Sure is going to be one ssssinster sssingle ssspeed! Sssssnake!