Monday, August 25, 2008

Mister Jalopy in New York Times

In today's New York Times, Lawrence Downes wrote a nice piece about the Maker Movement and myself.

Oftentimes, the media is not able to move beyond, "You built what? Well, gosh darn it, isn't that just so quirky! Makers are quirky builders of quirky things!"

Comparatively, Lawrence and I spent hours discussing how building open products invites collaboration and how the inspired efforts of workbench engineers can take products in directions never imagined at company headquarters.

After seeing Saul Griffith's mind blowing talk on the future of energy, I realized that the battle had been won with the Makers and it was time for me to take the message to companies. Rather than throw up road blocks to innovation, companies can collaborate with consumers by supplying tools, instruction and community to hungry innovators.

Does that mean your company needs to be completely transparent and open source? Absolutely not. There are Building Blocks of Engagement that open products and services to customers who become collaborators. Through building communities, sharing information, designing for easy repair and encouraging customization, companies are able to join the party and colab with the world.

Innovation does not stop at the end of the assembly line, it is simply passed on to your collaborators.

Mister Jalopy wants to work with your company. Email today.

Mister Jalopy Wants to Make a Better World - New York Times

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