Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Airstream of Meat

Airstream of Meat
The House of Prime Rib is an old skool San Francisco restaurant that's been around since, like, forever. The specialty of the house is -- you guessed it! -- prime rib, and they serve it up in classic style, with waiters in black suits and plenty of side dishes.

The food is pretty good, but the prime rib serving carts are my favorite detail. They're gorgeous, stainless-steel monsters designed in a Moderne style, so they almost look like Airstream camper trailers. When your dinner is ready, one of these babies rolls up to your table, and much carnivorous gluttony ensues. Here's lusty photo I took of one in service, taken after I'd had a few cocktails back in 2006:

Airstream of Meat

This afternoon I spotted one of the HoPR serving carts strapped to the back of a truck, as seen in the photo at the top. I recognized it immediately, and sure enough, the driver of the truck confirmed that it was from the House of Prime Rib. Check out the lines! And the detailing! And those streamlined wheel farings!