Friday, September 05, 2008

The Counter Intelligence Investigations Course

From PBA Galleries:

Four 3-ring binders containing numerous pamphlets, mimeograph lessons, instructions, students hand-written notes, etc. Fort Holabird was home to the U.S. Army's Counter Intelligence School. These binders contain an assortment of teaching materials including courses on Interrogation, Identification of Soviet Armed Forces Insignia and Rank, Profiling, Sabotage, Raids & Searches, Study of Communism, Surveillance, Counter-Sabotage, etc. Most material stamped "Restricted", a few stamped "Classified". Scarce.

Oh my! This is the specific knowledge that I require on a daily basis! Fort Holabird was a spook school of distinction during World War II and the Cold War. Closed in 1973, there is scant information on the web about the current status of Fort Holabird though this PDF from the State of Maryland gives us some clues for Googling and from the air it appears to be a run of the mill industrial park. Or, depending on interpretation, it could be a chemical weapons plant.

Current Google Map photo of former Fort Halobird Covert Intelligence School

Any Baltimore-based D+R readers know if there are any cool old remnants of the old top secret spook school?

Auction for Counter Intelligence Investigations Course