Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Covert Ops School Update

Photo: VVA451 (Click for BIG)

Last week I posted about the Counter Intelligence Course from Fort Holabird which led me on a bit of internet poking to determine what happened to the Holabird spook school.

D+R reader Steve lives 2 miles from the former Fort Holabird and sent this report:

Your instincts are correct- practically the whole site is overrun by relatively modern industrial recto-boxes... The one exception that springs to mind is the structure at the corner of Beckly and Van Deman. Now a clubhouse for the Vietnam Veterans of America, declining industrial base chapter, it must have once housed Holabird's officers club. It's one of those buildings, common on Army Bases of the 40's, designed to evoke the kind of english country cottage from whence Cary Grant might spring, only with big asbestos tiled multi purpose rooms glared by flourescent lights within. The illusion is further spoiled these days by a skewered Huey out front, replete with the vaguely mechanical drone of nesting hornets.
An excellent tip! This leads us to the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Baltimore Chapter 451 website which includes a photo of the HQ that fits Steve's evocative description to a tee!

VVA Chapter 451's History of Holabird

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