Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Garage Sale Report - August 29, 2008

The sharpest, calendar-minded D+R readers will note that not only is this garage sale report not from the current week but it is not even from a Saturday. It is true, I am behind on the garage sale reports and will attempt to address that today. Although Friday is not the key garage sale day, I will check the ads before leaving the house to determine if there are any stops to make on my route of planned daily adventures.

While I was at the sale, I did not assemble the entire puzzle and was later mortified to learn that I was missing an eye! Immediately, I thought, "Am I garage sale piker? Did I leave a puzzle piece behind? Should I go back? Do I even remember where that sale was? Would I have EVEN BOUGHT IT if I realized I was missing a piece?!"

Mercifully, another check of the automobile revealed that the missing block had slipped under the front seat. 50 cents well spent!