Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Heineken World Bottle of 1963

From Inhabitat:
...the idea of turning waste into useful products came to life brilliantly in 1963 with the Heineken WOBO (world bottle). Envisioned by beer brewer Alfred Heineken and designed by Dutch architect John Habraken, the “brick that holds beer” was ahead of its ecodesign time, letting beer lovers and builders alike drink and design all in one sitting.

Mr. Heineken’s idea came after a visit to the Caribbean where he saw two problems: beaches littered with bottles and a lack of affordable building materials. The WOBO became his vision to solve both the recycling and housing challenges that he had witnessed on the islands.

A beer bottle could be designed to have a second life as a vase, but even in a home with an ample cutting garden, one would reach the saturation point after a single decent dinner party.

A community of drunks could build a cathedral!

Heineken WOBO at Inhabitat
(Thanks, Bjørn!)