Thursday, September 25, 2008

Herrenknecht Tunnel Boring

The September 15 issue of the New Yorker has a fascinating article about Martin Herrenknecht's magnificently large tunnel boring machines that dig holes 19 meters in diameter. Though I am certain there are individuals who would say the poetry, cartoons or Talk of the Town are the sweet spots of the New Yorker, I believe they are at the top of their game with articles like this - detailed, technical stories told effortlessly with a passionate believer at the center of the story.

Unfortunately, the entire article is not online. From the New Yorker abstract:
The defining project of Herrenknecht’s career and one of the greatest public works of any kind is the Gotthard Base Tunnel, in Switzerland. The tunnel, which has been under construction since 2002, will run a distance of more than thirty-five miles. When completed, in 2017, it will be the longest traffic tunnel in the world.
After reading, I was compelled to look at Martin's website as I needed to see the machines he is so enraptured with. Turns out you can buy a used model for your personal tunnel digging needs!

New Yorker Abstract on The Long Dig
Herrenknecht AG Tunnel Boring