Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Favorite Pair of Socks

I'm not real big with socks, but these are incredibly comfortable and look great with anything. I wear these as often as they're clean, which isn't very often. To remedy this situation, I just bought a couple more pairs (and I want more colors). Just take one look and try to tell me you aren't already salivating for these DDC socks!

But you may not be in the market for socks. Understandable. At the very least, don't neglect to drop by Aaron Draplin's most radically bodacious blog. Draplin's in the frequent habit of going off on what we will kindly call "exploratory research trips", but what might otherwise be referred to as "garage sale junkets". All along these expeditions, he takes photographs of hidden treasures: extraordinary design found in old signs, posters, labels, and anything else he comes across.

And then there's Aaron's "Why America is F***ed" video, which really no one should miss (except young children and uptight bosses).