Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Guest Blogger: Kevin Kidney!

Above all else, the greatest reward of blogging is the people that you meet. We did not know Kevin Kidney until he sent us a tip to his blog where he detailed the restoration of Mr. Bali Hai. We were blown away by his talent and dedication, but the most striking and passionate detail was the inclusion of the perfect "Pardon Our Dust" construction sign.

So impressed with his effort, we awarded Kevin the inaugural Defender of the Eternal Flame Award for his selfless dedication to making the world a more awesome place.

After going through his Flickr account we decided, "This is Dinosaurs and Robots!" We could blog every item in his portfolio, but wouldn't it be more interesting to have Kevin guest blog at D+R and see what inspires him? And he agreed. Fantastic.

We have not yet met Kevin, but it is our intent to make him be our friend. Jody, too. We are going to make Jody be our friend as well.

Please join me in welcoming Kevin!

The official Kevin Kidney bio:
Kevin Kidney is a designer, writer, product creator, puppeteer, sculptor, and illustrator. Raised in the Golden Age of the 1970s, Kevin has one foot in the present and two feet planted solidly in the past. His fanciful art style tends to be informed by his love for outdated cultural and technological artifacts.

One half of a unique Southern California design partnership – Kevin & Jody Co. – Kevin specializes in creativity of all sorts. From installing holiday department store displays in New York, to building McNugget puppets for McDonald’s TV spots, to writing and editing for NPR, Kevin’s projects have taken him around the globe from Burbank to Guangdong. He has also made “onstage” appearances as a sketch artist – and once performed at the royal home of the Sultan of Brunei.

Kevin Kidney's blog Miehana
Kevin's Flickr Stream
Kevin and Jody Company