Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Red White and Blue

Ah... the warm chaos of the county fair. Familiar, weird yet richly nostalgic.

We went to our own county fair on Sunday. We're talking total Americana: none of those sissy Obama signs here: just the good old Red, White, and Blue. I even saw a few Confederate flag hats for sale at one of the booths (which brought me back to my native Texas – I got dizzy for a few minutes). Good luck to the seller, but I'm not sure Confederate flags are going to go over all that well here in Washington State.

All in all, great time at the fair. As always, my favorite was... the steam train. I posted my photos on this flickr set.

Sissy and Big Mama

Ball of twine – inside steam train

The tractors are always one of my favorites... they're like candy!

Happy Time Rotary Duckling (with wheels)!