Thursday, September 04, 2008

Then and Now #8: S. Britt's Art Studio

Illustrator S. Britt recenty bought a house. The room he planned to use as his studio was incredibly ugly. He writes:
One of the reasons our new house was initially a "tough sale," was that the previous owner went "wee, wee, wee" all the way to market with the oh no! faux finishes, gaudy gambler ceiling fans, thickened oatmeal texturing and country crock crappy wallpaper (in practically EVERY room of the house). I'm not even mentioning the cheap (and colorful!) plastic mini-blinds and sheer nightmare window dressings (because those are a fairly easy fix). Our realtor implored us to look past all that Laura Ingalls Wilderness and focus on the bones of the place - which were all in pretty excellent shape (thanks to Celebrex!).

So here's day one of her old office, what was to become my new doodle room, before I dived in with a scraper, a screwdriver and LOTS and LOTS of primer and paint...

After much work, the room became an inspiring, sunny, happy work space.

Take the Flickr tour to see the transformation process, with plenty of "horrendous 'before' and spectacular 'after' photos of [Britt's] brand new Portland doodle room!"

SCORE Then: 2 Now: 10

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