Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tiny Texas Homes built from salvage

From Tiny Texas Houses:

Welcome to our newest adventure into the world of reclaimed materials and what we can do with them. We have created the Tiny Texas Houses Project. This is a new phase of expansion whereby we are be using all of the great materials we stock to build 95% recycled materials houses that will look original in nearly every way. They will have new wiring, insulation, plumbing and will be portable so they can travel over the years thus not to be left behind when you move. They will be built to modern codes, wrapped in other house built today.

They are guaranteed to last longer than the life of the person who buys one.

They will be true to our company mission in that there will not be a better product like it on the market. Furthermore we build the 95% recycled portable Tiny House on the market in the world. Yes there are others who make Tiny Houses, but none who use exclusively vintage lumber and focus on the handmade quality and details of the old days, with original period hardware, aged hard pine siding, Antique Pine or Oak flooring, period windows with wavy glass, doors, tubs, and sinks. We truly reduce the carbon footprint of your house to nearly zero for the construction of it and then provide you with the way to survive when the energy and water are alot harder to afford.

I bolded the statement in the paragraph above as I felt it was worth noting. The Tiny Texas House company is an adjunct business to the epic Discovery Salvage which stretches over 140,000 square feet spread over 13 buildings in Gonzalez, Texas. Becoming bored with just stockpiling architectural salvage, Tiny Texas builds code compliant shackitecture homes from 8' x 16' to stately 12' x 20' recycled homes that benefit from modern plumbing, electrical and insulation. Not satisfied with a custom shack built per the Tiny Texas aesthetic? Pick from their 6,000 doors, 3,000 windows and outfit with LED lighting and gray water towers to build something extremely personal that you can protect over the course of your life.

Tiny Texas Houses (via Materialicious)