Tuesday, October 21, 2008

D+R Pals Joe Grand and Nemo Gould on Prototype This

Naturally suspicious of build-it, wreck-it and throw-hammers-at-one-another DIY shows, I feared that Prototype This might be another forum for watching builders fight with one another while making minimal progress.

Delightfully, the skepticism was unwarranted as Discovery has put together a fantastic show that is low on the reality show interpersonal drama. It is genuinely exciting to watch the fellas put together very ambitious projects that look and work great. The next episode on Boxing Robots, the regular dudes did a colab with D+R pal Nemo Gould.

Beautiful machines that are going destroy one another! Yes.

Prototype This: Boxing Robots
Joe Grand's Grand Idea Studio
Nemo Gould's Nemomatic