Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Embroidery, the Jenny Hart Way

My embroidered pillowcase

As Mark posted at boingboing, we took Jenny Hart's embroidery class while we were at Maker Faire Austin. Turns out, learning one little stitch will get you pretty far.

I chose the Chinatown pattern set as I am powerless against the delight of a Singapore Sling. I can not resist the appetizer platter from the rumaki to the egg roll, the paper wrapped chicken and the bright red pork spareribs, shrimp puffs AND the shrimp toast and, of course, fried wonton. Sure, I love to go to Alhambra to eat blazing hot Szecheun peppercorns that make your hair tingle. I delight in plundering the dim sum cart and eating the difficult to identify. Delicious. But, just as I love the American-style ground beef burritos of Henry's Tacos, I have a similar passion for Americanized Chinatown. Perhaps my version of the suburban exotic orient is disrespectful, but, at some level, Chinatown has to be MSG-soaked red velvet.

A couple embroidery tips I have learned:
  • Keep your fabric tight in the hoop, sucker!
  • As soon as you screw-up, immediately reverse the disaster by threading the needle back through the hole to erase the stitch that you just made. Don't try to be a hero and save that stitch!
  • When you complete a run of thread and tie it off, clip the remaining thread quite short as amateur stitchers like me tend to grab that dangling bit of thread instead of the needle.

Progress upon landing at Burbank's adorable little airport

Mark and I embroidered on the airplane. The time absolutely flew as we chatted, stitched and shared embroidery tips.

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