Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fiberglass and Polyurethane Paneled Igloo

Our friends at Because We Can turned us onto the Igloo Satellite Cabins. I like the idea of keep a disassembled cabin in the back of my station wagon for emergency homesteading purposes. True, the Igloos have been featured on every blog in blogtown in the last week, but what about the Polypod Snow Camper!

Using similar materials, Icewall One also makes a travel trailer without wheels. Instead of rolling, the Polypod is towed by boat, snowmobiles or, ostensibly, sled dogs. Hurrah!

Icewall One has great, utilitarian ideas for serious expeditions, but I suspect the general public responds so favorably as they are hard shell candy, primary color, glossy perfection. Want to sell your product? Take your queue from gumballs.

Igloos and Polypods from Icewall One