Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mister Jalopy Gallery Show - Talk and Opening

This Saturday, I will be foregoing my beloved garage saling and suburban explorations of the San Fernando Valley, as I will be busy stressing out about my gallery show.

Possible reasons for attending my gallery show:
  • See Stuff - World's Largest Ipod, the Compact Childhood Museum and the Urban Guerilla Movie House will all be at the gallery. This is the first time that they have all left my shop.
  • Eat- Cheese and crackers
  • Talk - I will be presenting a new talk. Have you seen my talks before? Well, this one is different. My talks evolve and this is a brandy-newish talk that steals stuff from prior presentations - enhanced with new stuff.
  • Meet - We can chat.
  • New Stuff - I will have a couple new things at the show.
  • Interesting Curios - See the geeked Japanese Mooks that visited my shop!
  • Opinions - I have them.
  • Interesting People - I know some; they may attend.
  • Free - That should have been at the top!
College of the Canyons
Artist Reception from 1Pm - 3PM
Talk at about 2PM

Show runs from November 1 until the 15th - Details

Mister Jalopy Gallery Show - Reception and Talk