Monday, October 27, 2008

Multicolr - Stunningly Elegant Flickr Tool

Idee has built a remarkably easy to use tool for searching Flickr for photos according to color palatte. Besides being completely straightforward and great fun, Multicolr is surprisingly useful to test different color combinations.
I use this milky blue for lots of projects. My absolute blue of preference has a little more white, like a less saturated Azurite - not the mineral, but the Fireking color. But, the above choice is pretty close.

And I use red with that milky white blue to, I think, great effect. I love how those colors look together.

I also use a creamy ivory with a little yellow. Like the color of heavy cream. However, this quick check reveals that I should not use them together.

But, what about orange? Not bad. Worth investigating. I love orange. Orange with brown or green.

Or orange with brown and green.

What a wonderful little chunk of software. It should be a standard installation at every paint store. And this is no one off tidbit, Idee is doing other fascinating stuff. Like TinEye Mobile - an iPhone app where you snap a photo of an album cover and it returns YouTube, Wiki and AllMusic data about the release. These folks are worth keeping an eye on.

Idee Multicolr