Tuesday, October 21, 2008

World Power Systems Garage Sale

Model 47, Trinity diorama
An operating analog of the Trinity site, concerning some true events of 6 July 1945.

It is worth noting, that as a craphound, I can attest, Tom has assembled some truly fantastic junk. At some point, those of us with an affinity for inspired, powerful objects allow out collections to rule our life as we run out of space and it seems we never get anything done for we are always organizing, cataloging and tripping over our really good stuff. Tom has taken the bold step to purge relics to make room for future efforts. I applaud his bravery.

From World Power Systems:

It's time for a regime change at World Power Systems Planetary Headquarters, and you can receive some trickle down benefits! In the form of a lab "rummage" sale, buying my (largely) Cold War Era krap.

This is not ordinary krap, but choice, hand-selected tidbits (and some instrumentation) that I've collected from all over, much of it from Los Alamos. Everything works, or is usable, functional, eg. intended as componentry for building into (art) projects. A lot of it is juicy human interface goodies, circa 1945, 1955, 1965, ... There is no abject trash in these piles.

Like I said, this is regime change -- paradigm shift. Stuff will be *cheep* -- most things will be ONE DOLLAR. I want it all to *go out from here*. I've been collecting this stuff for over two decades. I need to literally decimate the collection, I need (physical) room for new ideas...

Nixies! Antique computing! Wind-up tape machines! Transistors older than you! Gyroscopes! Flip-dot displays! Nixie assemblies! One-plane numeric displays! Radiation detectors! New (in 1950) aluminum project cabinets! Weird knobs! dials! switches! Old (nice!) radios! Ancient (working!) oscilloscopes! Bubble [magnetic] memory! Tiny cathode ray tubes! Weird instrumentation! [ran out of ASCII exclamations] More&#amp;33;

Some relatively pricey items I will eBay later -- or you can walk off with them vastly cheaper if I don't have to because I am *extremely lazy*.

The photo at the top is an example of Tom's artwork which will not be at the garage sale, but is an excellent view of Tom's aesthetic and material choices.

World Power Systems Regime Change