Monday, November 24, 2008

Andy Beach's Reference Library Shop

As much as it pains me to admit, Andy Beach has better taste than I do. Sure, my taste is exceptional, but, unfortunately, there is clear empirical evidence that Andy has the edge.

With considerable anticipation, we have been closely monitoring Andy's progress
to see what sort of perspective he would bring to shopkeeping - an art form that he is clearly enamored with.

Andy and I agree on the merits of the union run, family owned Colby Poster Printing in Los Angeles. At Coco's Variety, we sell the Colby-printed Faded Champions poster and feel that it really could not be finer. And he is doing a wonderful selvage denim apron, but for the rest of the story we have to wait for the November 28th grand opening of the Andy Beach Shop at Kiosk.

Andy Beach at Kiosk
Colby Poster Printing

Colby Poster Photo: Mister Jalopy