Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Photo: New York Times
Photo: New York Times

Impressive. Bob Cassily bought a concrete processing facility and is using the daily influx of waste concrete to build a construction waste theme park. From New York Times:
Imagine a park peppered with Mr. Cassilly’s lively animal sculptures, but also with obsolete cement-making machinery grinding away, industrial silos and other remnants of the 54-acre former factory. Then add navigable waterways, waterfalls and beaches atop dirt hills...

“I originally knew it was going to be a sculpture park, kind of an earth sculpture, but I didn’t know how, exactly, I was going to do it or what the form was,” he said. “I like to leave myself as open as possible.”
Admittedly, I am easily swayed by water, railroad tracks, abandoned machines, fire, digging big holes, spitting from bridges, building forts, alleys, survival techniques, pellet guns, caves, sleeping outside, pocket knives and surveying land from high vantage points. In other words, my interests have changed very little since I was ten. Cementland makes an awful lot of sense.

Cementland in the New York Times (via Coudal)
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