Friday, November 21, 2008

Dinosaurs and Robots Mailbag!

We love getting mail at Dinosaurs and Robots, even if most of it is inquiring where to buy the Telstar Logistics Limited Edition Hello Kitty dump truck. Hint: it was custom built by Todd for his daughter and is not for sale.

Japanese Craft
We asked for Japanese translation help with the catalog of Japanese craft. Sky D, Claire and Joey straightened us out. It said "
2nd All-Japan Traditional Craft Selected Artists Exhibition."

I really enjoyed Joey's spirited effort:

全日本 (ぜん にほん)= all of Japan
伝統 (でんとう)= tradition
工芸 (こうげい)= industrial arts
選抜 (ぜんばつ)= selection
作家 (さっか)= artist/author
展 (てん)= shop/catalog?

Calder Circus
Longtime Hooptyrides reader Rob wrote to say:
Always nice to see something about Calder's circus- a couple of years ago, I collaborated with the very talented Veronica Verkley to create a sideways homage to it. You could categorize us as "committed people with needle-nose pliers". Or perhaps people with needle-nose pliers who should be committed.
Link to Flickr set. Cool, Rob!

Aakash Nihalani
We have featured Aakash's work before and he dropped us a note to let us know he is going to be giving a talk in Brooklyn. I'd go!

Aakash's site

Reverse Translation Video
D+R reader noirgirl gave us the story on the Moskau meme:

I'm sure you've already been sent this a few times, but they're a German group called Dschingis Khan.

It became quite the meme in its day. In fact, at the University of Chicago (where I go to school, and where we have a mad-awesome scav hunt), we had to do our own performance of the song, dancing and everything. I can't find any YouTube video of it, but there are plenty of other videos full of Scav awesomeness on the Tubes.
Miss Demontagia Risque Novelty
Although D+R reader Michael says the trick is simple, I still don't get it.
the miss demontagia thing is pretty simple, the darker bits are printed on the lower levels. because they're dark they block out the naked woman printed on the closest piece of acetate.