Thursday, November 13, 2008

Felt Club! Sunday!

As close as we come to a corporate D+R meeting, Mark Frauenfelder, Jenny Hart and I will all be at Felt Club this Sunday. All it takes is a trip to another craft fair to realize that Felt Club is a full 1000% cooler than those other pikers. Jenny will be teaching embroidery, but only to those who sign up early. Two classes, 10 people each, buy a starter kit at the Felt Club info table. Get there early, suckers!

Pillowcase project for my mom from Vital Organs pattern

I took Jenny's embroidery class at Austin Maker Faire and have been embroidering ever since.

Why embroider?
  • It is a lot of bang for buck. Learn one simple stitch and you can go far.
  • You can embroider while you half watch television. It turns out this is the perfect amount of attention to devote to TV.
  • I am not an illustrator but I find that even doodles look fantastic when embroidered as it brings a nice formality to even the most basic drawings.
  • Too butch to embroider? Whatever, dude! Tools are tools.
Felt Club, Los Angeles, Sunday November 16th

(Did I mention there is a full bar? There is. Crafters throw down.)