Friday, November 14, 2008

Handsome Mini Bar

If it were not for the hardware, this restrained compact bar could have been designed by George Nelson and would be not be out of place in Don Draper's office.

It is the glass shelves that make it a bar rather than a media cabinet but with some minor tweaks, this would be an ideal hi-fi center. A Marantz receiver on top and a Technics turntable next to it. One drawer instead of two, with an ipod dock inside and cable management out the back. Behind the right door, a perfectly sized compartment for LPs with wire hoops to prop and organize. Behind the left door, similarly LP sized compartment at the bottom with two shelves above - one sized for CDs, the other for cassettes.

With enough room for 70 important albums, 25 CDs and 16 cassette tapes, I think most people could go ipod digital when there is an effective way to keep the Bad Brains album, the live Tom Jones, the My Bloody Valentine "Glider" EP, the Jesus and Mary Chain bootleg cassette purchased at the UK boot sale and the "Appetite for Destruction" CD with the Robert Williams cover. With the iconic relics protected, maybe even I could go all digital.

Acacia Mini Bar at CB2 (via Positive Space)