Monday, November 03, 2008

Inspired Idea - Frustration-free, Lower Impact Product Packaging

Eliminating all of this miscellany

Amazon reduces packing to this

Flexing their considerable muscle, Amazon is working with manufacturer's to create packaging that does not require the visual pop that is necessary in a retail environment. Just because the idea is so simple, does not make it any less inspired. Perhaps no other retailer has the clout to effect a change like this and, importantly, no other retailer is positioned to gain as much from the shift. From lower shipping costs to less warehouse space required, Amazon's benefit is the sort of dollars and cents innovation that gets traction in companies.

I applaud Amazon's effort and very sincerely hope that they don't screw it up in execution. As Amazon has already trademarked the term Frustration-Free Packaging, it is not difficult to envision a scenario in which they lock this up as 'exclusive' Amazon packaging to freeze out other online retailers. Also, let's hope that when you order a pirate ship in a plain Jane cardboard shipping box that it is not nestled inside a larger plain Jane Amazon box.

Frustration-Free Packaging at Amazon