Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kustom Tonka Variations: The Pink Woodie

The Pink Woody Tonka

Last weekend I finished assembling the five pink Tonkas I've been building to give away as gifts to friends who have had baby girls during the last year. I've been dying to make a woody Tonka, so I donated one of the pink ones to the cause.

I'm pleased to add the Pink Woody Tonka to the Rat Rod Tonka and the Hello Kitty Tonka in the Kustom Tonka garage. My 15 month-old daughter immediately took the Woody for a test drive, and she deemed it worthy:

Product Testing

Actually, there's a connection between this photo of my kid and the fact that she started walking just last weekend. For the last few weeks she's been using her Tonkas as walkers, pushing them around the house to explore independently before she felt comfortable walking on her own.

Tonkas were her training wheels, basically, and that's just another happy milestone in her Kustom Tonka relationship. She's certainly come a long way from that first week when she came home from the hospital...

When Did I Sign Up for THIS Ride??

... and the ride isn't over yet.

By the way, suggestions for other Kustom Tonka variants are welcome in the comments. Best suggestion gets built as a prototype.