Monday, November 24, 2008

Old Shirt, I Ain't Giving Up On You

As part of a broader Get-It-Together initiative, I decided to do a Tim Gunn-style assault on my closet and reduce total volume by half. If we have learned one thing from Mr. Gunn, there are reasons why some loved articles of clothing go unworn. Perhaps it has a fineness or detail that seduced you, but it is a little tiny bit too short, too long, too blue or too stupid. Those elements are enough. Respect them and move on.

Tim is particularly unwilling to look over condition issues, but I had to take a stand on this Arrowhead Viyella shadow plaid shirt. I know it has holes. I see them. But, I can't part with it. Not yet.
Viyella is a cotton/merino wool blend that has
just the right weight to hang perfectly.