Friday, November 28, 2008

Romanengo Candy Shop

Paolo, our man in Genova, sent an absolutely inspiring view into the family-owned Romanengo candy making business that started in the early 1800's!

From Paolo:

Sugar coated almonds, chocolate covered bits of candied orange skis, sugar drops, etc., all made in a family-owned factory here in Genova (Italy) started in the XVIII century, and sold in a shop that still looks what it was like in the early 1800s (when the room used as the store became the storeroom - even the door handles are the same). You can see it all from 5'04" in the video I reposted. My fellow Genoese are known for their stingyness, but when in comes to this kind of thing, I think it pays. The newest machine you can see in the video was probably bought in the Forties.
The first four minutes of video is of postcard beautiful Genova, with the candy shop and factory starting at about 4:05. Wait until you see the cioccolatini wrapping machine at 5:22 point.

Paolo's blog with tour of Genova and Romanengo Candy Shop, in Italian (Thanks, Paolo!)