Thursday, November 20, 2008

Terra Keramik coffee cups

Lisa Meier of Terra Keramik sent me photos and information about their handsome new coffee, espresso and cappuccino cups. launched a collection of premium competition grade
espresso and cappuccino cups, in addition to a new selection of coffee
mugs (8oz and 12oz), handcrafted in Switzerland. The cups are available in
8 brilliant colors, accented in platinum and signed by the artist. The
ceramics are finished in lead-free and cadmium-free glazes and are
eco-friendly. They are triple fired for durability and are dishwasher

You may be interested to know that since we have introduced the Terra
Keramik collection to the US market, that the espresso and cappuccino cups
have been used by over 30 professional baristi for their regional,
national and international competitions. We have created a page on our
website celebrating the barista craft in addition to showcasing the Terra
Keramik cups in professional use