Friday, November 21, 2008

Tessa Farmer, Sculptures

The wonderful world of fairies may not be as angelic as we thought. Staggeringly powerful work reveals a world of mercenary fairies that are unwilling to be mere scavengers.

Tessa Farmer's unique body of work conjures a fantastical miniature world from organic material including twisted plant roots, dead insects, bones, and taxidermied animals. The chief protagonists of this world are her ant-sized 'fairies', half insect/half humanoid skeletal creatures with skull heads and twisted limbs, who roam with malevolent intent the sculptural tableaux the artist creates for them, attacking the hapless insects, birds, and small animals that serve as their unwilling hosts.
I highly recommend a trip through the gallery's slide show but be forewarned, the material is graphic. Perhaps once your lunch is settled would be the best time.

Tessa Farmer at Spencer Brownestone Gallery