Monday, December 29, 2008

Chemex Coffee Maker


Intelligentsia, makers of the Black Cat Espresso that has been coursing through my veins in a dangerously high concentration for years on end, is selling the famed Chemex coffee maker for $40. It's a thing of beauty. (Its bon vivant inventor remarked, "With the Chemex, even a moron can make good coffee.”)

A must have for the coffee purist. The Chemex drip coffee maker is one of the purest forms of brewing and tasting coffee, and has been for over forty years. Grounds are placed in the cone shaped filter at the top and hot water is poured over. No bells, no whistles, just great coffee. Slow, even brewing ensures a full-flavored cup every time. Carafe can hold up to 40oz.

Chemex coffee maker