Tuesday, December 02, 2008

(No Thanks)giving Giblet Gravy

I’m not one to talk much about what foods I find unappealing- I was raised that it’s rude to do so and when presented with something I’d rather not eat, I just say “No thank you, I don’t care for any” without further commentary.

However, a recent encounter with giblet gravy while Thanksgiving with Arkansas relations bears some discussion. I recently posted on the Facebook that “I couldn’t eat the gravy with hard-boiled eggs floating in it” which prompted more horrified comments and emails asking me about this gravy than I expected.

Giblet gravy is unlike brown or white gravy- it’s gelatinous, which allows you to see its dubious ingredients floating in suspended animation. As soon as I identify the chunks of egg, I stop inspecting.

One online recipe begins “find the bag of its gizard, liver, and neck usually tucked in the neck cavity of the turkey”. Further reading revealed that all guests lost their appetite when they ‘found the bag’ but then went on to make gravy with it anyway.

How unappealing is it? My cousin, who was hosting Thanksgiving, sidled up to me and quietly drawled “It looks like something that didn’t drain quite right.”

For those of you who relish giblet gravy, please pardon me, and enjoy it. All you want. You can have mine.

(via Instructables)