Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Peter Coffin Artwork (with Mexican Jumping Beans)

Untitled (Symbiotic Relationship / Dance Party) detail 2003
Drum, Mexican Jumping Beans, lights, heating device, amplifier,
contact microphones, effects box, and headphones. (with Brett Milspaw)

As mentioned yesterday in the D+R $2 Gift Guide, we are selling Mexican jumping beans at Coco's Variety and they have proved to be quite popular. We have a counter top box with a hundred little boxes of beans which creates a soothing, slightly creepy background soundtrack for the store. When kids ask me what they are, I tell em, "Machines without batteries."

Our man Greg sent us a link to Peter Coffin's sculpture that maximizes the eerie quality of beans that dance on their own.

Untitled (Symbiotic Relationship / Dance Party)