Wednesday, December 31, 2008


While browsing the wonderful worlds of web, I encountered the above really narrow house in Madre de Deus, Brazil: one meter in the front (by the entrance) slowly widening to two meters toward the back of the house. So thin, it is reputed by many to be the thinnest house in the world. Currently it stands three floors tall, though Helenita, the owner/designer, is currently planning an additional fourth floor!

So here I am staring at this narrow home and, of course, all the normal questions are beggining to pop into my head. Like how does one play Wii Sports without tearing through a wall? Or... what about parties? Does everyone just stand in single file throughout the house? And how can you possibly play hide and seek or have a dart gun fight in a house like this? Just think about it. It's all out of whack in a narrow home.

I got curious and began digging around for more ultra narrow homes (and structures). I was surprised at just how many there are...

The above four houses are located in Japan.

Valencia's Narrowest House (wow, look how tall!)

Warsaw house. Thin entrance; it looks like the house itself may be larger.

And lastly, the above behemoth which Guiness and Ripley's have dubed the skinniest house in the U.S..