Monday, December 15, 2008

Typewriter Ribbon Tins

Recently, I have been in need of a manual typewriter for a specific dispatch. Garage saling is not the most efficient method of shopping when looking for something specific, but I do believe that when you put yourself in the way of stuff it somehow finds you. In the case of my pair of $6 Remington Noiseless typewriters, they were found at the exact moment that the machine was required. I will post a more in-depth appreciation of these machines later as I was completely blown away by the technology. Incredibly efficient machines that work on human power which is applied in such tiny increments it is easy to forget that you are providing the energy for the machine.

Naturally, there is a world of manual typewriter information on the internet worth investigation, including the sub-collector genre of typewriter ribbon tins.

Flickr Set of Typewriter Ribbons from Uppercaseyyc