Monday, December 29, 2008

What Salami Would the Raphael Angels Eat?

From Paolo:

Image of salami packaging from Parma (Italy) with a reference to the much-photoshopped baby angels by Raphael, and a slideshow of some of said 'shop crimes.
I suppose I will never get over the fact that somebody in Genoa, Italy reads Dinosaurs and Robots and that we read his blog. Not like we are receiving a missive from Mars or Vietnam circa the era of French colonialism, but there is something extraordinarily satisfying in knowing Paolo and I - who I have never met - share an aesthetic sense and love of cured meats. I suppose I will never completely get used to it, but it sure is a wonderful time to be alive. Happy New Year!

Please check out Paolo's very silly slide show of the aforementioned Photoshop abuses inflicted on the defenseless angels.

Paolo's Circus Petto

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