Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Impossible Cool: Isabel and Ruben Toledo

The Toledos at home. The clothes are by Isabel; the art work is by Ruben.
Photograph by Max Vadukul.

From the New Yorker:
A week before Christmas, the drafts rattling the safety glass of a big skylight in the main room, which frames a view of the Empire State Building, were so icy that I asked Isabel to lend me a sweater— the Toledos sometimes have to wear the matching ski suits that hang on pegs in the bathroom. She does the cooking in a tiny alcove, and he brews the Cuban coffee. They have Sunday brunch together, lingering over it for hours, and at night, if they don’t feel like going out, Ruben said, “we put some cha-cha or rumba music on and boogie around by ourselves. We’re both great dancers.”
Isabel and Ruben Toledo. Photographer: Miguel Villalobos, via ASVOF

Isabel and Ruben Toledo in the New Yorker
A nod to The Impossible Cool