Thursday, January 08, 2009

Log Cabin Shackitecture Build Blog

Lou Ureneck has taken on the daunting task of building a log cabin with family labor and lots of reclaimed materials and is doing all of this in Maine - in winter. He will blog progress. It is beautiful and his rugged optimism is admirable, but I am cold as I sit in Los Angeles. I suppose the key is I am sitting and he isn't.

Why would a man build a cabin in winter, especially in Maine? Many people have asked me that question since I began writing about the project. Even my brother, who has helped me from the beginning, has counseled waiting until spring to continue the work.

I have my reasons for pressing ahead despite the snow, cold and wind. One reason is tied closely to the impulse to take on the building of the cabin in the first place, and that is to enjoy the out-of-doors. There is no better time, at least for me, than winter to be in the open air, among the trees, under a clean and uncluttered sky. The light is bright and clear as a polished lens, the air is a tonic touched by the scent of balsam, and the snow, falling from the boughs of shaken fir trees, glitters like tiny crystals thrown in celebration. I love the way the snow, caught like a spinnaker in the wind, unlocks the colors of the white winter light, creating micro-bursts of red and blue.

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