Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Muji Award Winners

There are very few competitions that I keep an eye on. For example, I don't really have any idea what is happening with the Super Bowl, but I do keep up with the Top 10 Planted Tanks at Rate My Fish Tank. And although I don't know the current status of NCAA anything, I am eagerly awaiting the results of the 2009 IPMS Stockholm Scale Modeling competition.

However, there is no contest that I am more keenly interested in than the Muji Design Awards. This year, like all years, the winners are so clever, so simple, that you mistakenly think you could do similar. And this year, like previous years, I have given considerable thought to coming up with my own entry. And, predictably - you can see where this is going - this year, as in all years, I not only didn't enter, but also didn't design anything. I had ideas! I pondered with great care! But these simple, elegant ideas are the most elusive of all.

For the competition, I thought long and hard on a compact, umbrella-like clothesline solution. I will continue thinking about it through next year's competition deadline and, likely, the deadline after that.

Muji Award 03

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