Friday, January 09, 2009

Richard Lippold

Winged Gamma - Park Avenue Atrium Building, New York, NY - 1981
Lippold Foundation

Some days, it seems that there is an entire world of contemporary sculpture that has been artificially restrained to the technical attributes and possibilities of el wire, LEDs and low voltage wiring. Often, the luminescence creates an immediate sense of awe, but what does it look like when it is turned off? Like CGI, I suspect the 'gee whiz' factor has a limited life.

The Sun, Variation within a Shere N. 10
Lippold Foundation

A short piece in the New York Times on Richard Lippold sent me scurrying to find more information. I have not seen one of these pieces in person, but I suspect the critics are correct in describing them as spiritual. Lippold's sculptures gracefully rely on available light and the reflective quality of the metals to glow.

Richard Lippold Foundation