Friday, January 23, 2009

Skyway for Sale

Three optimists in Minneapolis bought the skyway bridge that connected JC Penney to the Powers department store. In the two weeks of brainstorming prior to the blind auction, City Desk Studio tricked themselves into thinking this was a good idea. Now, at $79,500, the next sucker can be startled by the costs of moving something that measures 20' x 83'. Truly, somebody will figure it out- even if it means changing hands a few more times. There are really only two issues: where and how to get it there. If you think that money would address both of those, then there is really only one issue, money. After the glassy eyed optimists (like myself) run out of ambition, a pro will step in and make this something fantastic.

Thanks to Greg and Andy, two other glassy eyed optimists, for bringing this to our intention. Greg, Andy and myself will be carefully monitoring each other until this is sold. Our drinking will be moderate and social, Paypal accounts will be frozen, we are banned from using the words 'wire' or 'transfer' and using the two words contiguously is cause for an intervention.

City Desk Studio