Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1966 Suburban Tricked Out for S'mores Adventures

From loyal D+R reader Geoffrey:
a scoutmaster's dream come true. this truck is so decked out the flora and fauna would flock to you as soon as the bulletproof inline six springs to life. snowshoes? fishing poles? if shackitecture had rambled and rolled out of detroit, in a perfect world it would have looked just like this.

Indeed! From Death Valley to the Grand Tetons, this superb truck appears to be ready for anything. Looks like Smokey the Bear should be driving!

Utility vehicle interiors of this era are just so stone beautiful. The metal dash, green vinyl of the exact right color, the bent tubing seat frames, the steel door panels and the carpet-less floor all combine to perfectly convey that this vehicle is ready for a purposeful life.

1966 Chevrolet Suburban Kar Kamping Dreamboat on eBay (Thanks, Geoffrey!)