Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Artist: Susan Collis

D+R reader Chris writes:

I thought I'd blundered into a construction area when I first saw this work at the Victoria and Albert Museum's 'Spectacular Craft' exhibition last winter. Luckily, I stopped to look more closely!

Susan Collis crafts ordinary objects out of extraordinary precious materials. For example: a golden screw inside a ruby 'plastic' wall mounting, or a 'paint-splattered' step-ladder inlaid with mother-of-pearl. She thus calls attention to the importance of such objects, and (I think) demonstrates an even higher skill than the maker of a conspicuously 'precious' art piece.

Not paint splatters; those 'random' splotches are embroidered

I agree. This is really great work. It doesn't translate very well to the couple photos here, but it is well worth the time to check it out.

Susan Collis at Seventeen Gallery
Susan Collis at Out of the Ordinary - Spectacular Craft (Thanks, Chris!)