Monday, February 02, 2009

Dalida Keyring

For nearly anyone who's ever gone to the Marché aux Puces at Paris-Saint-Ouen, you couldn't have missed the woman who sells vintage key chains tacked neatly all over the walls of her stall. Lucite chunks with mysterious charms embedded (usually advertising soft drinks or auto-parts) that seem delightful at first, but then a bit overly pricey and then troublesome and too precious for actual use. I know that o-ring is going to test that old lucite and cause heartbreak and loss. Perusing the display is the best part, anyway. It almost seems wrong to take any one piece apart from the display. It becomes instantly less enjoyable.

But, something happened the last time I visited her stall. The walls were nearly ransacked, and she said with a happy shrug: "I priced them all at 1 euro, and now they're selling like crazy." Seeing the walls disappear, I took advantage and limited myself to a few examples. I was happy to find Dalida endorsing Préfontaines, whatever that is.

The woman who sells these keychains has a website, but I've searched high and low and can't find it. So I offer you instead a link to young Dalida doing her utmost best as an entertainer, as she always did: