Tuesday, February 10, 2009

D+R Guest Blogger! Jim Coudal!

Photo: Naz Hamid

I am delighted to introduce our newest guest blogger, Jim Coudal. I have long admired the work of Coudal Partners as they are always engaging in some seemingly overambitious project that will not end well. Time after time, as they gracefully succeed, they prove why they are the professionals and the rest of us are on the sidelines. Having long read Coudal Partner's Fresh Signals blog, I am consistently impressed with Jim's taste and, the surprisingly rare quality, ability to understand what works online.

Ten reasons D+R is crazy about Jim Coudal:

1. Museum of Online Museums includes the Condiment Packet Gallery
2. The almost unhealthy obsession with Stanley Kubrick
3. Fresh Signals is on the short list of my 'must read' blogs
4. Keep in mind, I had never met, emailed or spoken with Jim before asking him to guest host. Not missing a beat, he agreed - as long as I agreed to guest at Fresh Signals. I like that sort of cheap and easy hustle!
5. Colabs with The Pixies in a very smart, pro-musician, pro-fan geeked out way
6. Empowers chumps to look better
7. Brilliant, epic and entertaining Layer Tennis
8. The Deck lets great sites make a buck
9. Colabs with Dead Can Dance in the same very smart, pro-musician, pro-fan, geeked out way
10. The perfectly restrained design and utilitarian elegance of Field Notes Brand. I like Field Notes so much that we sell them at my charming, idiosyncratic used bicycle store.

Disclaimer: Coudal Partners projects are the result of endless streams of talented people's activity, but I always picture Jim doing everything.

Layer Tennis Round 2
10 artists, 10 cities.

Layer Tennis Round 3
Each artist has 15 minutes to add to the original image

Layer Tennis Round 6
and then passes it to the next artist. Spectators watch this happening. Live.

JC runs Coudal Partners, a small creative firm in Chicago that creates stuff like The Deck, Field Notes and Layer Tennis. CP has been accused of doing nothing but following their whims to their logical or illogical conclusions. And they're pretty much OK with that.

Coudal | http://www.coudal.com

D+R really does have the best guest bloggers! Rock it!